The Death of the Cookie – but what does it mean?

Is 2020 the end of cookies as we know it? No we don’t mean you need to stockpile your favourite brand of chocolate chip. 

After 25 years of using cookies to track a users’ online journey and personalise their experience, Google is killing the cookie. That means (hopefully) that by 2022, Chrome users will no longer be haunted by ghosts of searches past.  Many marketing agencies are trying to get ahead by deploying ‘cookie-less’ marketing strategies. 

GDPR compliance can become a stress of the past, and exposing an internet users’ recent searches; history.

Safari may have beaten Chrome to the punch, but it looks like it’s time the industry comes to terms with loosing their main source of data collection.

Many marketers will fall flat without third party cookies to direct their content, but you don’t have to be one of them.

Here are some creative examples of targeting strategies that you can use, without worrying about the cookie binge: 

Location Targeting: 

Theres no point advertising a British butcher in the US. Location targeting helps you deliver content in areas where you’re most likely to be talking to the right consumers.

Using your content to push in-store sales and discounts within a certain radius of the store can work brilliantly to entice people to stop by, or you could try changing the design of your ad depending on the city it’s displayed in.

Timing your message: 

Everyone knows about the outrageous amount of perfume adverts when winter is coming, right? Well this is exactly what we mean by timing your message. Winter is the signal to start Christmas shopping, so driving consumers to your site with festive content during the later months can mean more conversions for you!

We aren’t just talking about the seasons though! The day of the week or even time of day you post can have an impact on your potential reach.

An example of this would be posting specifically on the target audiences’ time zone, or you could even create a campaign around your business’ opening times.

Content is key – Use Keywords

What do we mean by this? Well, let’s say you have a potential consumer using Google to search for ‘women’s socks’, if you have this term incorporated into your website, Google will be your advertising wingman and will be more likely to show your website on the first results page, therefore, pushing traffic towards your website.

A great way to discover the right keywords for you, is to do some keyword research beforehand – find out what your target audience are searching for the most.

Weather & Environment:

This may seem ridiculous to some, but hear us out…

Weather and environmental factors can impact consumer receptiveness to an advert and can increase purchasing intent.

Hot day? Hit them with a suncream advert! Cold, rainy day? Advertise a tropical travel experience to spike the consumers wanderlust. 

Just because the cookie is going the way of the Dodo, doesn’t mean your marketing efforts have to. Haden Media can help find the right strategy for you, let’s talk.

New sponsorship for Kirton Kestrels FC


We are very excited and proud to announce our new sponsorship of the Kirton Kestrels FC youth team’s raincoats and will be pledging further support for the football club at all age levels.

Kirton Kestrels is a fantastic family-friendly football club which has 8 age groups, starting at Under-6 and continuing to Under-14s.

Haden Media will be supporting KKFC with multiple sponsorships and content creation for the multi-age group football club who have a fantastic history. We are thrilled to be helping the next generation of footballers in the Suffolk region with financial, product and content support.

Look out for some fun posts, coming soon!

The World’s First ISO Approved Drone Safety Standards announced today


Today the world’s first ISO approved drone standards have been announced by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)[1] following a 12-month period of consultation with drone professionals, academics, businesses and the general public.

The final publication of these new international safety and quality Standards for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are set to have a massive impact on the future growth of the drone industry throughout the world, and, are the product of several years of cooperation and rigorous interrogation from all sectors of society.

This important first step is part of a wider deliverable by ISO which is expected to trigger rapid acceleration in the use of air drones by organisations keen to reap the rewards of this transformative technology, against a background of reassurance on safety and security within a new framework of approved regulatory compliance.

Today’s announcement by ISO represents enormous progress in the standardisation of the global drone industry and is of particular significance in addressing the operational requirements of the more recognised and prevalent air drones, also known as UAS. The new Standards include protocols on Quality, Safety, Security and overall ‘etiquette’ for the operation of commercial air drones, which will help shape future regulation and legislation. It is the first in a series of emerging standards for air drones, with others due to address General Specifications, Product Manufacture and Maintenance, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Testing Procedures. The Product Manufacture standards for UAS, which are due to be published next year, will combine with the operational standards already published to establish a full-airworthiness suite of standards for UAS.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Robert Garbett[2], Convenor of the ISO Working Group responsible for global air drone operational Standards, Chairman of the BSI Committee for UK Drone Standards and Founder of Drone Major Group, the world’s first global drone consultancy, said:

“I am delighted that the operating Standards for air drones have now been approved and published.  This success follows four years of collaboration involving ISO, BSI and other national standards bodies from all over the world, reinforced through expert input from a wide range of industry and public sector stakeholders. The Standards will deliver a new confidence among investors in the safety, security and compliance of commercial drone operations, which together with the Product Manufacture and Maintenance Standards, is expected in turn to facilitate a massive expansion in the availability and use of drone technology in the years to come.”

“Drones are a transformative global phenomenon, offering an unprecedented economic opportunity for those businesses and countries with the foresight to embrace this technology. My own conversations with Government, businesses and other stakeholders have shown that the new Standards will be enthusiastically welcomed and will empower organisations to discover how they can use drone technology to enhance their competitive position, adding value and creating growth and jobs.”

Air safety 

A key attribute of the ISO Standards announced today is their focus on air safety, which is at the forefront of public attention in connection with airports and other sensitive locations. The new Standards promotes an ‘etiquette’ for drone use that reinforces compliance towards no-fly zones, local regulation, flight log protocols, maintenance, training and flight planning documentation. Social responsibility is also at the heart of the Standards, which strengthens the responsible use of a technology that aims to improve and not disrupt everyday life.  The effectiveness of the Standards in improving air safety will be further strengthened by the continuing rapid development of geo-fencing and counter-drone technology[3], providing frontline protection against ‘rogue’ drone operators.

Privacy and data protection 

The Standards also seek to address public concerns surrounding privacy and data protection, demanding that operators must have appropriate systems to handle data alongside communications and control planning when flying.   The hardware and software of all related operating equipment must also be kept up to date.   Significantly, the fail-safe of human intervention is required for all drone flights, including autonomous operations, ensuring that drone operators are held accountable.

The exciting future for drones

Air drones are already beginning to provide solutions to some of the most pressing economic, transport, security, environmental and productivity challenges faced by governments and industry throughout the world, reducing road traffic, easing congestion, saving lives through a reduction in accidents and reducing pollution in our cities.  As well as speeding up the delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects, drones are expected to reduce the need for some expensive new major transport infrastructure altogether.

New exciting applications for air drones are being developed daily.  Revolutionary approaches are emerging for freight and passenger transportation, with drones providing a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional methods, relieving the burden on our already stretched urban road networks.  Further applications in the agricultural, maritime, construction and energy sectors among others, are already transforming businesses, with virtually all industries and business sectors set to benefit from the Standard-led adoption of rapidly evolving drone technology.

Impact on the economy

A number of recent reports have attempted to forecast the economic impact of air drones globally. For instance, in its report Drones Reporting for Work, Goldman Sachs has estimated that the size of the global drone industry will reach $100 billion by 2020. Most recently, analysts at Barclays estimate that the global commercial drone market will grow tenfold from $4bn in 2018 to $40bn in five years. They believe the use of drones will result in cost savings of some $100bn. These predictions relate solely to air drones, demonstrating that the economic benefits offered by drone technology are vast, with growth set to accelerate across surface, underwater, air & space, as well as emerging hybrid drone applications.

CEO shortlisted for ‘Young Business Person’ Award


Daniel Haden-Scott, the Co-Founder and CEO of World Haulage Ltd, who operates popular haulage industry websites UK HAULIER, IE HAULIER and US HAULER has been shortlisted for the EADT Business Awards 2017 ‘Young Business Person’ award for 2017.

Since starting the innovative digital company which assists trucking companies in day to day operations, marketing and overall growth, Daniel has spearheaded the company’s growth from their pioneering brand in the UK to websites being launched in Ireland and the United States. This is the first time Mr Haden-Scott has been shortlisted for East Anglia’s leading business awards.

World Haulage Ltd, has the ambition to build and establish brands and websites operating in every continent, while continuing to grow their existing customer base in the UK, Ireland and USA yet aren’t holding back with current developments on their Australian website under way.

Daniel Haden-Scott commented, “I’m delighted to be shortlisted for the ‘Young Business Person’ EADT Business Award.

“To be recognised for my efforts in creating, developing and sustaining World Haulage Ltd is fantastic and shows these long days and nights are clearly paying off.

As CEO at World Haulage Ltd for seven years, I’ve driven the company forward to become a key influencer in the haulage industry and created brands which are well known, loved and trusted by industry professionals with UK HAULIER becoming the leading industry website in the UK.”

The finalists for the EADT Business Awards will be announced in June and the Awards Dinner will take place in Ipswich, England on Thursday 6 July 2017.

UK Haulier website design revamp

One of our long-standing clients, UK HAULIER, part of World Haulage Ltd, requested a revamp on their website.

Our web developers and designers came together to produce a multi-purpose website, ready for UK haulage and logistics news to hit the industry, but also for haulage companies and drivers to use dedicated services through membership.

We are thrilled to have worked on this project with UK HAULIER and look forward to many more in the future.